Speaker Guidelines

We are looking for papers with technical content rather than product presentations and this year we are focusing on two industys Aerospace and Defence (A&D) and Automotive. We are looking for application of the latest tool chains and combination of tool chains that have been used to ensure safety and security in a project. Emphasis will be on design techniques (including model based), test automation, verification, validation, application of formal methods and certification. Submit your paper here.

The paper should present:

a) The latest trends

b) A specific industry problem and/or solution

c) A case study of a project using the available tool chains, processors/embedded systems, techniques, etc. in the development of a safety critical and secure system

Joint papers/case studies between an industry and a technology vendor are also welcome. This will indicate the synergy and partnership that has been achieved in India.

The quality of paper should be comparable to the publishing standards of IEEE conferences and it should be of a maximum length of 6 pages. The paper should contain, a title, author name(s) and affiliation(s), an abstract, an introduction, the body of the paper, a conclusion and references. A brief biography and photograph of the author(s) is also welcome.

The papers will be reviewed for the following:

1.       Format

2.       Technical content

3.       Novelty of approach

4.       Applicability of the case study to the theme

5.       Appropriateness for the audience

6.       Language

Each presentation will be 45 minutes in duration. Presenters can have two slides dedicated to the company and nature of work as an introduction. The main body of the presentation should be on the material available in the paper. A maximum number of 35 slides is allowed for the presentation. 

A review of the presentation will be undertaken by a peer committee to ensure the quality of presentation and timing.

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